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Slider Beads and Clasps

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Slider Beads and Clasps

Slider beads for jewelry making

Slider beads were it all started at  Yep, it was all about the rhinestone beads and fold over magnetic clasps for years.  Later in life, we moved on to add charms and other beading components to the mix.  However, we will never lose our roots to the slider beads.  Slider beads come in various metal tones from silver beads and gold beads.  Getting the best look with the metal tone and crystals are important. 

A rhinestone beads can be in all shapes and sizes from oval to a square and everything in between.  There are large beads and small beads as well.  And, they should be messed with to determine what style you will have in your slider bead designs.  Slider beads are beads that have 2 holes on each side or 4 loops on the back.  They are usually used for stinging double strands.  We show them strung up on our beading patterns if you'd like to see how we use them.  They are unique to work with but can be so much fun.

We don't always follow the rules on our free online beading ideas.  As we like to think outside the box. After all, we needed slider beads and couldn't find we made them!  Getting the best slider beads on the internet, you will only find them here.  As we tried to find them everywhere and ended up making the molds.  

Creating Slider Bead Designs

Creating slider bead designs can be fund and affordable.  Finding the right slider beads is the easy part.  But, there are so many filler bead options and changing the filler beads will change the look of the entire design.  Don't be afraid to mix it up with various colors and textures to see what it might look like when made up.  And, of course, you are welcome to send us a quick picture of what you designed with our slider beads.  We always love to check them out.  

We like to start with the slider beads and some wire, and put the slider bead on as the focal and work from the center out.  This is the best way to make amazing bracelet designs.  Getting the look and feel that we are going for.  There are 100's of focal bead options on that will not leave you disappointed.  Everyone knows that the focal bead is just that, the focal bead of the piece and should be beautiful and ours are.  We look for unique and large details focal bead designs.

Take a look around and enjoy the various bead styles and designs we have to offer.  We are sure you won't be disappointed.  On top of the slider bead designs, we also offer bracelet clasps, watch faces, stringing materials and more.  Browse the various jewelry clasp options and see our wonderful lobster clasps, toggle clasps and so many more.

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