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Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web for the best selection of 2 hole slider beads and fold over magnetic clasps.  Yes, we do offer other beading things as well, but this is our niche and we just love designing them for our customers and keeping the website pumping with the latest looks in fashion and colors.
We are an established company that has been in business for approx. 15 years, starting out on the large Auction site and moving into other areas of the web.  As you might have guessed, the web has changed drastically from those younger years.
We are a small family owned company, even though our site is large, and our selection is huge, it's just us.  We write in our newsletters about us and everyday life, as we think of our customers as not just customers, but family.  Many of our customers call just to chit chat, and that's okay by us!  Sometimes, we call because we miss them, not for sales, but because we know all about their families and pets, etc. 
Our newsletters also feature new products, which you can find under the New Product's category, but we like to announce what's been brought in that week/day. Sometimes there are coupon codes, project ideas, places we are going to venture off to a show to.  Who knows, you may just see us in your town one day.  
We also have an Etsy store, a Facebook store, interests on Pintrest, Instagram and Twitter, so come join use in the social media frenzy of fun!!
So, welcome to a very friendly and fun little place to shop around for some of the unique and exotic style of beads and clasps.  And, don't forget the connector beads, the charms, watch faces and all kinds of beading materials.
Call or text with questions!  269-720-3391 or e-mail: sales@mobile-boutique.com


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