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Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for jewelry making come in all different sizes, shapes, and designs.  Sometimes you want metal beads for jewelry making and other times you need seed beads.  Rhinestone beads are perfect for jewelry making as well as connector beads.  There are so many kinds of beads that it does get a little confusing to the new people.  So, let's chat about beads for jewelry making!  Read More!

Connector Beads

Connector beads are beads for jewelry making that have a loop on each end and can be connected via a split ring. These beads are great for chandelier style earrings or necklace pendant drops.  They can be linked together like a chain that will offer a bit more design than just a chain.  

Beading Supplies

Slider Beads

Slider beads are great for bracelet making.  However, we have used them in our examples in making necklaces, earrings and they are perfect for wire wrapped ring.  Using slider beads doesn't have to be complicated and this is why we work with you to find the best rhinestone beads on the market.  Or not into rhinestone beads?  What about sea life and inspirational?  There are so many different types of beads out there and we are happy to assist in getting the various designs in if you should ask.  

Rhinestone Beads

These are beads with, well, rhinestones in them.  They are not always made of metal, however, most of the time they are metal beads.  And, they are for rhinestone beaded designs.  These can come in cup style connector beads or embedded in metal in our slider bead designs.  Getting that bling look is perfect with rhinestone beads.

Metal Beads

We have a lot of metal beads.  Our metal beads are approved by the lead laws in the UK and the US.  And, they are made of base metal materials that are rhodium plated.  Getting the best metal beads that the finish doesn't wear off is important. has you covered with a great selection of metal beads.

Inspirational Beads

Inspirational beads are beads with amazing sayings on them.  Things that can give some encouragement, say that you are proud and offer a bit of hope.  Some just have one word and some have cute sayings.  We offer a huge selection of inspirational beads in gold as well as silver metal tone.

There are so many styles of beads for bead weaving as well.  Seed beads are very small, usually glass beads.  Lampwork beads that are made by talented artists.  Or beads for jewelry making usually are made of metal.  We do carry a few of the other styles in order to complete the line.  As well as stringing materials and the other things to complete the jewelry designs such as clasps too. 

Beading is a great hobby and can even be a great business.  Getting into the world of beading can be so rewarding and fun.  Finding the perfect beads for jewelry making can also be a ton of fun as well.  It can almost become like a second hobby.  So, get out there and find those beads for jewelry making today.

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