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Beading Supplies Online at

Beading Supplies Online at


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Beading Supplies Online come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  Getting the right Beading Supplies Online takes expert skill or knowledge and not just anyone can do it.  Totally kidding!!  When you are looking for Beading Supplies Online look for what you like.  Start there, pick up a few things in the various areas, if you are just getting started.  But, we warn you buying Beading Supplies Online can be way too much fun.  And, well, sometimes it gets addictive as well.  So, try to stay on task.  If you are new, we recommend stringing beads.  This means that you put the beads one by one and string or wire, this is less complex than bead weaving.  And, it allows you to play with color and tone and get the feel of the beads.  Sure, we have had people using our Beading Supplies Online for bead weaving as well.  However, that looks amazingly complicated.  Take a look around at all your crystal beads and beautiful clasp options.

Most of our examples are done by our owner and are not perfect but there to get the creative juices flowing. After all, sometimes people stumble into our online bead store and have no idea what you do with 2 hole slider beads.  We have all kinds of ideas and suggestions.  Some of the beads aren't even used in jewelry making but in other crafting things.  Getting the right Beading Supplies Online isn't something that you should ever worry about.  If you like Beading Supplies Online, then you will figure out how to use them, right?  Yes, we are actual beaders and we understand sometimes we need to be told it's okay to buy.  

Beading Supplies Online or Stringing

Beading Supplies Online can be fun to look at and work with.  But be sure you also remember to get the wire, string, elastic or whatever you plan to put the beads on.  This is important so that you can have a way to string them when they arrive or shortly after.  We also offer stringing materials as well.  Getting the right stinging material can make a world of difference as well.  Not sure on what stringing material, think about what you like.  If you like the stiff bangle like designs then a thicker wire would work well.  If you like stretching then elastic stretch with crimp ends to finish it off.  Or you can tie knots in the ends behind the fold over magnetic clasp design.  Be sure to add a bit of glue the knot.

Getting the best Beading Supplies Online

Take a look around.  Do you enjoy silver beads or gold beads?  Need magnetic clasps or lobster style.  There really are a vast selection of various beads for your shopping needs.  Getting the right ones only means getting the right ones for you.  There are so many crystal colors and rhinestone gems as well.  And, the colors are so beautiful in person.  Our images are good but not as good as in person.  Beads can be fun to mix and match the packages as well.  


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