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Elegant wire wrapped 2 hole slider bead sea life bracelet



I am here to explain that wire wrapping with slider beads is a great way to make a modern style looking handmade jewelry piece in very little time.  But, everyone will love it!  I have gotten so many compliments on this bracelets and "where did you get it?"  and "Can you make me one?"  That is may end up being sold off my wrist.
First, I always start out with extra wire, heck it's cheap enough and there's nothing worse than getting close and have to come up with a creative way to ADD wire to your design without it looking weird and out of place.
Basically, what I did was wrapped this up around my wrist and added some for extra precaution with a design already in my head!
Sorry the image is a little fuzzy.  I, personally, always start out with my focal bead.  I usually only use 3 beads in a bracelet design, as the back isn't seen anyway, so this keeps the cost of making down, thus more profit when selling!
The part numbers that would work for something just like this design are:
I used simple crafting wire, 20 gauge wire.
So, let's get this started, I didn't make the images perfect, as the silver gets washed into the background. 
First, take the long piece of wire that and double it up, yes, forming a loop at the one end, and cut.  Now, there are two pieces that are the same length.
String the focal bead, or center bead.  Then, I strung up two smaller beads, they are around 3 mm in diameter, bottom silver one is about 6mm in diameter.
String as shown.
Now, for the wire wrapped sides.
Narrow down the sides with the smaller beads and take on of the strands and stick it straight up, leaving the other to loop around, like creating a loop for the top of an earring.  
I didn't form the "bubble like sides until I was completely done with the small wire wrapping I did.  Now, go a little ways and wire wrap again..and one more time.
Now, at the end, we formed a loop by bringing the wire back onto itself and wire wrapping it up.
One the other side we wire wrapped up a "hook", but wire wrapping the wire onto itself and cutting.
Remember the more you bend wire the ore it'll get brittle.  And, that's what happened, our hook isn't as long as we'd like, but it works and looks really nice.
Here's some images of the finished product.
handmade-wire-wrapped-2 hole-bead-bracelet
I hope this helps explain a little on how to make a beautiful bracelet in very little time with very little experience in wire wrapping.

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