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Wire wrapping a loop

Have you ever wanted to make a pendant or earring out of a slider bead and just not sure how to do it?  

I am here to tell you that it's not hard at all and I'm going to use images and to demonstrate.  I hope this will en-light you on how much fun working with slider beads can certainly be.  And, these projects will also, eventually make it to our project's pages.


That across the top is supposed to the wire.  Making images "pretty" sometimes isn't the best.

Okay, so we are going to start with a slider beads, a couple of pliers, as you can see, the round nose pliers are going to be your best friend and the needle nose pliers, which you would prefer for soft metals not to have the ridges in them, but be smooth.  This prevents them from making lines all over. 

For the example, I used very cheap wire, since, at the end, I disassembled this piece to put the product back on the shelves.

The first step is to wire up the slider bead to make in a connector style bead or a pendant.  


Okay, so can you see what we did here?  We took the wire and put it threw the holes and wire wrapped one onto the other.  By, looping it around onto itself, this may take a bit of practice to get the looping nice and tight.  I prefer to use my fingers to be honest.



Okay, from the front, this is what the new pendant/earring whatever your going to use it for will look like.  And, now, here's the "loop" we have been all waiting for...

Your making the wire go at a 90 degree angle to start the loop process.  Grab onto the wire where you'd like the end of the loop to be, so say you wanted to have a bit of wire from pendant to loop, you would extend out.  I just want the loop to be right on top of this gorgeous slider bead.  So, I fold it at a 90 degree right at the top.

Take the round nose pliers and grab the wire right at the top.  As you can see  the round nose pliers get smaller to the end, this determines the size of the loop.  A large wire wrapped loop would be more toward the handle.


 Now, fold the wire over the top of the pliers and make a 45 degree like angle and readjust the pliers.  


Trim off the access with cutters and tuck the end in so it's not sharp and Viola!  We now have something we can hang as a pendant, use in Earrings, so many things.  Here's some of what I did with it.  Just to give you some ideas and get the juices flowing:



The top was made using a headpin with a loop on the end.  You can purchase these or make them out of wire, they are pretty easy to make.  Added on some other beads and wire wrapped a loop.  Now, add the rest of the necklace or make it into a larger earring.

I really hope this gets your inspirational juices flowing and if you have any questions contact us at sales@mobile-boutique.com or 269-720-3391


Hopfully we can make a short video soon.

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