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Wire Wrapping With Slider Beads To Make Earrings and Necklace #2

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Wire wrapping slider beads to make wonderful earrings and necklaces


What to be a unique handmade jewelry designer?

Create unique looks and styles that people will say "You didn't MAKE that!"  Trust me, I get it all the time, to the point I had to video me MAKING something similar, to prove it is handmade!

No, I didn't just put a charm on a hook, however, I've done that, these are actually wire wrapped and take a bit of talent to do, but easy for use creative folks.  Are you ready to have a loop on the top, so you too can create beautiful handmade slider bead earrings and necklace pendants?

Let's get started handmaking earrings!


Here is where we are going to start.  For this particular bead, I decided to just take the end of my wire go up and over into the next hole to for the loop at the top.  It has a sort of carved out back, so my wire wrapping will fit nicely into the back, making this a very simple and clean look.


It was a little tight to get in there.  What I did, and I wish now that I would have taken more images, I flipped the one end up at a 45 degree from the cross and wire wrapped around it with the other wire, snipped on the backside, so it won't scratch anyone and tucked it into the back.


I then twisted the loop as you can barely see in the image above and attached the french hook.  

Since I already had the loop, thought I would use it as a pendant too!  


Pretty sweet, and super easy!  And, yes, it was handmade, taking a slider bead and wire wrapping it.

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