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1300 beads and beading components

 Hi again! 
I can't believe it's only Wednesday, this week has been a long one already!  Plenty of work to be done and not enough time to do it all!

Appox. 1300 Product up for grabs! 
NO PHONE!  PART is ON ORDER, SEND SMOKE SIGNALS.  Or e-mail us at sales@mobile-boutique.com or mobileboutique1@gmail.com  
* Inventory is being done-
Restocks are being loaded up - 120 or so
*Sales, see below, cannot combine the coupons so choose wisely, or make multiple orders if necessary.  We choose how we choose to ship and we don't refund for shipping.

* With the new site, you need to recreate an account, if you'd like one.  Or check out as a guest.  The account information did not transfer over.  New site= NO purple/pink polka dot banner or that blonde girl. 
Watchfaces $1 off each, so that makes them $3 each checked for no DOA and shipped directly from Michigan!
Gold heart watch face Square watch face for beading moon watch face for beading
Textured watch face for beading Copper watch face Black face watch face
Gold * Silver * Antique Copper * Colored faces * Pendant styles!
Coupon code:  watch
Silver Art Deco
on Sale - 15% off
Many recently added! 
Rhinestone_Fall_Stone_Beads floarl-2-hole-beads art-deco-beads
beads sea-live-beads fire-fly-beads
Around 620 bead packages in this category!  So, some weight could be removed from the shelves here!
Coupon code:  ART
Gold Art Deco on SALE!  
15% off Gold Floral
      Gold_flower_beads     Green_Floral_Beads
Focal_Floral_Beads Brown_floral_beads
As a bonus, there are some silver ones in there too.  This is a technical issue that I can't solve, I could get into it, but who needs to be bored with technical coding talk!
Coupon code:  flower
If it's in the category listed it's on sale, even if it shouldn't be.  Again, technical issues, this site goes by tags and I can't place manually where they end up!  Grrr.  But, the site is running so much smoother for everyone!

We are also still on Etsy and adding more there every day!  

And, Ebay is going to be posted again, as soon as tech support contact me!  Some are still there and it's a flat rate shipping of $3, you can't beat it!

We are Pinning like crazy from the site and Etsy store. Focusing on Pinterest for now.  But, adding more all the time.
As for funnies..and then we'll add a few more images of some of the new goodies!
Well, our phone is officially broken, so you can't call us..or me.  It's a cell phone and I dropped it to its final blow.  If you want to be technical it LEAPED From my shoulder for to its death.  I can repair it but need the part; the part was more costly than buying another one...so I did that for my part.  Lol.  Why not use the new one!??  Because all my "stuff" is already on THIS one!  I hate moving phones, that's worse than changing purses!
I've been designing up some things for the making for another site, and decided, if you're going to be a jewelry/bead designer, nice nails aren't in your cards!  My nails took a beating!  Oh well!  I had a good time.
Did yard work this weekend and yes, I stepped on the rake.  And, yes, the neighbor kid caught me..and no it didn't leave a mark.  But, holly cow that hurts!!
We have average 2-3 shelves a day in inventory, which is amazing timing!  There's a ton to go through for inventory, however, when moving a site, it's most needed, usually things are dropped; as, their code just doesn't fit into the new system's ways.  And, we had many of those little buggers!
Here's some goodies!!  Come take some off our inventory and add to yours!!  
ALL IMAGES ARE CLICKABLE-Click and they will take you right to the page for that product.  This goes for the entire newsletter and I always link images!
art_deco_beads sea_life_beads
religious_beads gun_metal_beads  
turquoise_cross_beads Marcasite_beads Gold_turtle_beads marcasite_silver_beadsLucite_stone_beadswhite_beadssilver_round_marcasite_beadsmulti_tone_metal_beads
saelife_silver_beads garnet_beads
sea_turtle_beads crab_beadsbutterfly_beads
Happy Beading!!

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