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Bracelet Clasp Bracelet Clasps Clasps for Jewelry Making offer Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet Clasps at

Bracelet clasps can be tricky to find.  There are so many beading options for the perfect bracelet clasp, but, how do they function is the question. having a clasp that doesn't function well, will be hard on the end user.  If they have arthritis, for example, a bracelet clasp needs to be easy to open and shut and we offer fold over magnetic clasps for just this reason.  Browse around at all of our toggle clasps, magnetic clasps, and spring clasps to name a few.  Dive into the depths of the clasp category and figure out what style you like to work with. 

Bracelet clasps at

 Here you will find the latest in beading supplies and material for all your beading needs.  We are dedicated to the bead industry to offer unique 2 hole slider beads and fold over clasps.  These are special bead designs and are unique to However, we also offer all of the basic beading items as well.  So browse around and look at our unique selection of magnetic clasps, toggle clasps and jewelry making clasps in general.

Bracelet clasps come in silver, gold, and copper as well as antique finishes.  Getting the perfect clasp design for your bracelet clasp should be easy here at  Browse around the beautiful and ornate designs of bracelet clasps or look at simple bracelet clasp designs.  Bracelet clasps are the perfect way to finish off a jewelry design, however, there are so many to choose from.  Getting the right look for the jewelry design can be complicated.  However, we make it easy here on offering a huge selection of bracelet and necklace clasps.  Browse around at the amazing selection we have to offer and be sure to drop us a line should you have any questions.  

Getting the most out of your Bracelet Clasp Bracelet clasps

The most important thing about your bracelet clasp is that is functions properly.  As well as you don't want to lose your bracelet as well.  Some of our clasps work better as a necklace clasp, however, all the designs can be used for either.  A necklace clasp can use the simple magnetic designs and they won't fall off as easy as in a bracelet.  Bracelet clasps need to be strong and sturdy but also not come off with your car door.  Getting the most out of your bracelet clasp design takes some thought.  

Some of the clasps can be used to make other things as well.  Things like Laynards or closures for purses.  The clasps are not just for making jewelry, use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.  Want more ideas?  Go to our beading ideas page and look around we are always making up for crafting ideas.  

Whether it's beads, clasps, stringing materials or whatever you need for jewelry making, has them and is happy to assist with any questions or concerns.  We want you to have the best jewelry designing experience possible.  Let us know if you are not sure how to use a product or need assistance, we are happy to help.  


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