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Toggle Clasps

Toggle Clasps

Toggle Clasps are amazing clasps for necklaces and bracelets.  However, they tend to be a bit more difficult to work with when it comes to bracelets.  But, many designers do love the look of the simple toggle clasps and they are economical as well.  They can be fun to design with and they are not that expensive and on a necklace, they really are easy to use.  Of course, we prefer magnetic clasps, however, sometimes a simple toggle clasp does look nice.  

Toggle Clasps offers a wide selection of toggle clasps as well as other clasp designs for jewelry making.  We are happy to carry toggle clasps in gold, silver, and antique metal tones to match all your designs metals.  Getting the toggle clasps attached to the design is simple with a knot, wire wrapping or crimp bead and you have a nice finished look.  Finding the right toggle clasp doesn't have to be impossible as we work with a variety of designers to bring you the most unique toggle clasps available.  Getting the right look and feel of your clasp will finish off your jewelry design beautifully.  Read more!

Necklace Clasps

They are a great way to finish off a necklace design.  This is where the end user can use both hands, as the stick and loop clasp can get a bit tricky when doing it on the wrist.  Bracelet claps can be tricky in general, but trying to get that loop over that stick can take a min. However, some designs do lend themselves to work better than others with bracelet designs.  Getting the best design for the application is important.  People will love the bracelet but if the clasp is impossible, they may not be much for the clasp and not wear the bracelet as much.  Read More.

They come in all kinds of different designs, colors and choices.  Take your time and look around to find ones that might work for you.  Picking out a clasp can be fun, pick up a few and have them ready in your bead collection for the next time you are looking to bead new designs.  This will make beading more fun.  By having all kinds of varieties at your fingertips your beaded creations can come to life.  

Toggle clasps can be in the shape of flowers or animals and come in various sizes.   There are large clasps and small clasps that will work for just about any jewelry design.  Getting the right toggle clasp can be tricky when purchasing online, however, all of our toggle clasps have dimensions that should help.  Remember that 25.4 mm is one inch, 12 mm is about 1/2 inch.  This should help with figuring out if you are looking at something huge or something of the size you want.  Getting the right size for the design is important.  Even having a ruler in front of you can help you visualize the sizes.  

Check out for all your Toggle clasp design needs.  Getting the right toggle clasp has never been easier.  


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