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Interesting and Unique Ways to use Watch Faces for Jewelry Design

Watch Faces for Beading

I was over on Pintrest, image that, and noticed some great uses for "vintage" watch faces, well, not sure if they were actually vintage or just new with a vintage feel, either way, I loved the look that these people had done with watch face designs, so I saved some.  I really wish the artists' names were attached to the images I found, most we not and were on random boards, so if you recognize any of them, let us know, we can add their name to the image.


This was kind of a cute idea, and would work even if the watch faces didn't work.  Linking each face to the next with jump rings. The jump rings would have to be larger in size in order to loop properly through the holes on the bottom of the watch face, but still a very unique and nifty little idea.


This watch face in the form of a choker is a pretty cute idea as well.  This would just use jump rings through the top and bottom loops, if the hole wasn't big enough for the nylon cord that was used.  Add a few Charms and viola!  A completely different look and use for a watch face design.


Just another cute idea using watch faces, charms and chain.  The idea with this write up is to allow one to use imagination and explore unique ways to use watch faces.


So, after a few minutes, umm, hours on Pintrest, this is just some of the great little designs I found and thought I would share.  These are super cute and super simple to make up.  And, as always, please do not directly copy, but use these as inspiration, perhaps mix up the metals, add some texture, color, rhinestones, and make it your own.


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