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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp


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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp is the perfect way to finish off a bracelet.  Bracelet designs can be such fun but finding the perfect clasp can sometimes be a challenge.  You want to find something that is easy to work for the person wearing but also looks nice and feels comfortable.  There are a variety of styles of magnetic jewelry clasps but finding that perfect one can be a challenge.  Until now, we have fold over magnetic clasps that are the perfect magnetic bracelet clasp.  They are simple for the wearing person to put the bracelet on and they stay up.  Unlike other clasps that get caught on the car door and get stuck.  Our Magnetic Jewelry Clasp are ready for the rough ride on the wrist.  Regular necklace style clasps are simple magnet to magnet.  But, the bracelet clasps need more security.  This is why we at made the perfect bracelet clasp.  We wanted something simple that could be easy to add to a bracelet and fun to wear.

Silver Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Box Jewelry Clasps

Silver Magnetic Jewelry Clasp are designed to stay on your wrist even around other metal objects.  This has often been the problem with traditional bracelet clasps, however, the fold over clasps have solved that issue.  The are sturdy and come in single and double strand options as well as multi-strand and a variety of metal tones.  They are the perfect clasps for the wrist as they can endure the abuse and not come loose.  The also work well as necklace clasps.  Jewelry clasps are fun to find for all your jewelry making needs.  And, that's why we offer a huge selection of jewelry making beads and clasps.  Getting that perfect clasp has never been easier.

We have Magnetic Jewelry Clasp in gold, silver, antique gold, antique copper, Bright silver, platinum silver and more.  The idea was for them to match all the slider beads.  The slider beads are cast in base metal and rhodium plated.  They often contain rhinestones as well, making them beautiful rhinestone beads.  Add a fun clasp to the end and you have a very unique design and style.  We want you to love the beaded creations you make.  

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Supplies come in a variety of things from seed beads, slider beads, toggle clasps, magnetic clasps and more.  They can be super fun to shop for and making a bead collection can be just as fun as making the jewelry.  Getting the perfect jewelry designs has never been easier with all the Jewelry Making Supplies there are to choose from.  And, don't forget the various stringing materials as well.  Getting those perfect stringing materials can make the design stiff, such as with wire or flexible for things like elastic string.  This will make the design unique even more.  Creating unique beaded jewelry can be fun for all ages and enjoyed by the young and old alike. 

Shop for the best magnetic bracelet clasp and see what you might find.  There are of course, other clasps as well.  

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