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Magnetic Clasps

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Magnetic Clasps

We offer Magnetic Clasps in a variety of metal tones.  There are silver magnetic clasps and gold clasps as well as the antique versions of all the colors as well.  We love Magnetic Clasps as they are easy to use and simple for the person wearing that as well.  Attachment of the Magnetic Clasps can be simple and doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  We also offer on our free beading ideas page various examples of how to attach Magnetic Clasps as well.  We want you to enjoy your experience making jewelry and so if you have questions let us know.

Working with Magnetic Clasps means you are trying to make a nice bracelet.  Maybe this bracelet is for you or for a loved one. Either way, making a bracelet with our slider beads is simple.   Simple bracelet designs are completely possible with the help of our slider beads.  We offer a unique selection of slider beads that can be quickly made up into a bracelet design.  Getting the Magnetic Clasps has never been easier.  As we work with our clients to ensure they have everything they need to be successful and jewelry making.  We offer unique clasp designs as well as slider beads and filler beads.  Getting all the beading supplies in place before making jewelry can make it a bit easier as well. We are proud to offer some of the most unique options out there.

Beading Supplies and Magnetic Clasps

Beading supplies come in a variety of forms.  We work with people that love the bling of the rhinestone beads and the shine of the metal.  We offer silver, gold, platinum, and antique finishes as well.  This allows you to mix and match your various finishes to get that perfect look.  Everyone has their own style of making jewelry and that's what is fun about it.  Making jewelry can be fun for the entire family and there are so many different things you can do with the jewelry.  You can even start a small business of your own with jewelry making and designs.  Get out there in the summer to the farmer's markets and craft bazaars as a fun way to earn extra income.

Dive into the site and see what all we have to offer.  We have increased our selection of charms and watch faces as well as the slider beads and magnetic bracelet clasps.  We wanted to offer more of our unique components that aren't always found at the other online bead shops.  Offering a nice variety is what it's all about and having that perfect selection.  There are many different beading styles, so why not offer many different beading options?  We love working with beads, clasps, charms and watch faces.  It so fun to see the shipments come in and the process to take them from our shipments to your home.  All our images are done in house as well as the inventory is here as well as in our overseas warehouse.  We do this to offer better selection and pricing.


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