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Find the perfect Slider Beads at  We offer a unique selection of 2 hole slider beads, fold over magnetic clasps and rhinestone beads.  Getting the perfect slider beads has never been easier.  Our online bead shop is perfect for finding those unique beads and designing up the perfect jewelry design.  Slider beads are fun and can be used for needlework beading as well as stringing.  People love to find unique and fun ways to design and bead.  Finding the right slider beads is a skill an art of its own.  

slider beads

Slider beads come in all shapes and sizes as well.  Getting the perfect look for your beaded project means taking the time to design it out.  There are large bulky beads and small seed beads.  Metal beads, glass beads, and beads made of bone.  The materials are vast from crystals that sparkle to bone that has an Earthy feel to them.  The design possibilities with today's beading market are endless.  There are Beads for Beading as well.  And, we here at know all about the Beads for Beading.  As they are great for adding a focal point to any project.  And, we have many styles and designs of Beads for Beading, such as floral or victorian beads. 

Beads for Jewelry Making

2 hole slider beads

Slider Beads are fun and affordable as well.  There are super expensive real gemstones to cz rhinestones to glass.  And, everything in between.  We offer mostly rhodium plated beads, with crystals and CZ rhinestones, enamel and faux pearls.  Things are low priced but the quality is amazing.  We like to offer our beads for costume style beads for fun.  Our slider beads can be used in a variety of fashions, be sure to check out our bead patterns page where it will show you projects we have done.   Some are not jewelry made, but other fun ways to use our beads and clasps. Read More.

The best beads are the ones that go with many things.  As, you'll need a lot of filler beads, so if you find something you like, pick it up.  Having a nice bead stash is perfect for every beader, new or advanced.  This way, if something you had designed in your head didn't go as planned you can figure out a new solution and try something else.  Having your beads handy can also be nice for those days that present spare time.  Yeah, we get it, people are busy, and you have great intentions of finishing that beaded design but just haven't gotten to it.  This is why having the Slider Beads on hand can help.  If someone cancels plans or the weather isn't cooperating for the plans you've made, you suddenly have more time!


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