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15%-40% Sale!

 Hi again! 
Loads of restocked products launched as we work our way through the warehouse inventory!  Note:  Not all made it to April Restocks, silly kids!
I worked night and day last weekend, without kids so there are bunches of things that I finally got accomplished and launched.
If you like to have a login to keep track of purchases and such, you'll have to create a new one, the old site's information for login's couldn't be maintained.  Otherwise, checking out as a guest is fine.
I've been playing on our Pintrest a great deal lately, at night mostly.  And, getting all I can up on Ebay, as I get free posts up until tonight!  Yay!!  Which is the ONLY reason I'm even posting on Ebay. Etsy seems to be doing well for us.  We are in our first month or so with 40 sales, I don't think that's horrible.  Considering we don't have everything launched yet, I haven't found a great tool to do this in bulk with!  Ugh.  The one we use is SLOW at best.
Here's some coupons, good until Friday, April 15, TAX DAY!  Get your extension in now!!  Lol...everyone that knows me, knows I did!

15 % off all New Product category
: COUPON CODE: Springtime
30% off Sale/Clearance Category:  COUPON CODE:Sale

All coupons end April 15 and cannot be combined.  These are good on our website only.
These are only for the website;  www.mobile-boutique.com
2_hole_slider_beads lucite_slider_beads beading
sealife_beading Metal_slider_beads More_beading_designs
antique_copper_beads silver_turquoise_beading inspirational_beads_for_jewelry_design
black_floral_beads art_deco_square_beads beads
So, things around here are finally more normal.  Kids are back in school after Spring break, Phew.  It's really hard working with them, they are at ages that all they want to do is fight!  Ugh!! 
We did manage to do a few fun things during break, but to get them to understand I HAVE to work too, is a little tricky!!  It's just me and my income supporting us, and I don't get paid vacations children!  Lol.  
Good grief!  I also have another job that requires boxes and boxes to be delivered here, holly peat, I need to find a recycling spot!
   I'm a product tester and let me tell you, keep up with that and the websites, etsy, ebay and Overstock with 2 kids is insane!  My head hurts, but it's all quiet now and I can get some peace and things done!!  The past couple of days I feel like I've accomplished something!  Like really gotten some things posted, launched, written and inventory is still on a full roll!  
Just call me the amazing bead lady, and what is your superpower?!?  Lol.  I'll have to make a funny for facebook on that one!!
Enjoy all the new findings and sales!!  

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