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Handmade Projects using 2 hold Slider beads

As many use the 2 hole beads, people often get stuck on how to use them.  There isn't a proper way at all.  Use your imagination and creativity.
To help we do offer a Project's idea's page to get those creative juices flowing.  
Yes, we know, there are mind blocks sometimes and that's where we come in.
Feel free to use any of the project ideas we offer, copy them, we don't mind!!

Watch face 2 hole bead design

The first project we did was a typical watch for this blog posting.  These are quick, fun and easy to do.



Okay, so we chose a watch face which has a white face, it appears blue in the image, sorry about that.  We do sell this watch and it is part number sb768 and 20 gauge wire.

We then looped it as shown and started stringing using part number 11047 as shown below, with some small silver various filler beads.  This keeps the costs down and you can typically, in a watch only, see one or 2 sliders on a watch anyway.  Before it ends up into the clasp.

slider-bead-watch2 -hole-bead-watch


The above is a very common use for our 2 hole slider beads, however, these guys can be used for so much more!

How about and Earring and Necklace combination?

 Well, we did it!


For this amazing combo, we used part number 10606!  This package is $3!  And, look at all we made!  A pair of matching earrings and a complimentary necklace.  Just amazing.  On the back of these beads, there is a loop right in the middle at the top, which we used to string our necklace and add our french hooks.  Pretty cool, huh?

Well, that's just a little insight on some things that can be done using our beads.  I hope this gets some creative juices flowing.  And, if you have any questions, just ask, call or text 269-720-3391 or e-mail sales@mobile-boutique.com

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