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Unique 2 hole beads

Unique beads for signature designs


Jewelry making has become a popular hobby, as well as a profitable business for many people. But, there is a lot of competition out there. The one thing (other than your personal artistry, creativity and design) that makes your piece really stand out from the crowd is the type and quality of the materials you use. 

We invite you to shop Mobile-boutique.com for the most unusual and unique beads on the web. From rhinestone beads to slider beads to base metal connectors to gold and silver castings...we have the materials that will put your jewelry a cut above the rest. Our opulent inventory (but bargain prices) can be the tool to creating your signature designs.


Rhinestone beads add sparkle


It's true...diamonds are a girl's best friend. But, they don't come cheap. The next best option is to incorporate some

rhinestone beads into your jewelry design. Then your pieces are sure to catch the eye of your next customer who wants to add a little sparkle into their accessories. 

You'll also love our selection of colored Austrian crystal beads. These unique beads add just the right touch of color and are cut brilliantly to reflect the light. 

If rhinestones aren't your cup of tea, you can still have some shine with amethyst, sapphire, rose, or Colorado topaz crystal silver beads. Another way to add some interest is with interesting designs, such as art deco, floral, Victorian or other antique-looking beads. At Mobile-boutique.com, the possibilities are endless.




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