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Jewelry Findings for Jewelry Making

Jewelry Findings for Jewelry Making 

Jewelry Findings can mean many things to different people.  Findings are head Pins or wire.  Sometimes we have split rings and chain.  Findings are the man watch face for beadingstructure components of a beaded design usually.  However, some also call the beads and clasps jewelry findings as well.  Jewelry Findings are certainly something that one needs to make their own beaded jewelry.  Beaded jewelry has been popular for many centuries.  People find pleasure in not just making beaded jewelry but also wearing it.  

Beaded jewelry is made up of many various components.  Sometimes we use metal beads with a fishing line to make a flexible necklace and add some crystals in between to add a little femininity to the design.  Focal beads can be used at the middle of a necklace design to act as a pendant and draw attention to the focal bead.  Or you can just crochet all the small seed beads together into a gorgeous design.  There are so many options for so many jewellery maker's level of beading as well.  

Jewelry Making with Metal Beads

Beading has been a common pastime for many people over the centuries.  Beading is usually inexpensive hobby that can quickly turn into an obsession.  Metal FindingsAs a designer myself, I swear I have enough at home, and remember I have an online bead store, and I can always find something that makes me realize, I need more. On our social media and everywhere you will see some of the Beading Meme's I have created because I love to laugh.  What better to laugh at then yourself?  Beading is a passion for many.  And, just like the crazy cat ladies, we are the crazy bead ladies.  You can never just have one.  

If you are ever in the need to strike up a conversation with a beader, just ask about her beads. We love to show off our beads!  Jewelry supplies are a dime a  dozen but what we really like are the unique jewelry supplies we find out there.  And, here at we are happy to offer many of these jewelry supplies.



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