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Fold Over Magnetic Clasps

Fold Over Clasps work Great!


When beading, the first thing a beader needs is a design, from there, one must look for all the components that will make that idea into a bead creation! Here at we offer some very unique beads, along with our fold over magnetic clasps that have become a huge hit. These clasps come in a variety of colors and designs, to meet any beading project challenge. Beading is an art and having the right clasp is certainly important when preforming the art of beading. Our fold over clasps offer great strength and diversity, which is greatly needed today as the bead world is blasted with all sorts of things. 

Fold over clasps are convenient

Fold over clasps are so convenient to use and work great for all sorts of beading projects. The flip top lid, can be easily maneuvered by just one hand! The elderly love them, but they are not to be used by people with pacemakers or children. These clasps are available in a variety of designs to meet the jewelry designers creative idea. Some are larger than others to accommodate those larger bead projects that contains great weight, while others offer a more dainty design.



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