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Crystal Slider beads

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Slider Bead Example


Detailed Description: offers unique cast-metal beading, crystal and rhinestone slider beads and metal-colored magnetic clasps for beautiful jewelry creations. Our jewelry-piece collection includes gold- and silver-metal castings, charms and watch faces. Our jewelry pieces can be fastened together to create one-of-a-kind bracelets, pendants, and necklaces that will make you sparkle!

Crystal Slider Beads 

Our exquisite crystal slider beads are cast in platinum silver with very little metal shown from the top of the bead. This bead is adorned with gorgeous faceted lucite stones that will make any bracelet or necklace a fashion statement! Each bead is accented with a premier citrine center stone that is surrounded by high-quality enamel. This amazing design contains two distinct Austrian crystals. Our ornate 2-hole slider beads are fashionable and indescribable!

Details for slider beads include:

  • A number of holes per side.
  • Hole location and style such as are the loops or holes.
  • Approx. The measurement between holes.
  • Approx. measurement across.
  • Approx. height.

Style Statement

Our crystal slider breads and jewelry pieces are perfect for jewelry-making hobbyists. If you prefer unique jewelry and custom creations, then pair your necklace and bracelet chains with our lovely slider beading. Mix and match various styles of beading such as floral, star and heart shapes, Depending on your style, you can make understated or embellished jewelry for any occasion. Contact one of our helpful representatives today for more information!  



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