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Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for jewelry making is what we offer in our online bead shop.  A long time ago, I started making beaded jewelry and I sort of ended up making handmade Body Jewelry.  At the time it was all the rage.  They were super sellers but finding the bead components was impossible.  So, I made it my mission to find the unique beading components out there.  And, it took me a long time to find them.  Over time the body jewelry industry was flooded with designs and I was left in the dark with all my amazing components.  So, I started to sell them on an online Auction site.  And, wow, I had a hit on my hands and not on purpose. 

magnetic clasps

The Slider beads for jewelry making designs were sought after by many.  Over time we I slowly moved over to and started selling solely on the website. Avoiding all the fees from the online auction house but over time, it hasn't been as easy to maintain the ratings on the Search Engines.    Because of this, I also understand SEO and Website Design.  I have 11 websites to date that I run and am always building and selling off. But, the one thing is for sure, this was my first site and will remain in my possession.

Check our Clasps for Jewelry Making tBeads for jewelry makingoo!

I have always loved beads and clasps.  The little trinkets of fun don't take up a huge amount of room and Beading can be shared between the young and old.  I have a ton of beads, clasp and watches in my personal collection.  Not, to mention my online bead store.  A brick and mortar store was always a dream.  However, the overhead costs of such a thing is truly amazing.  I did do bead shows for many years, however, they too seem to not pay for themselves and become costly.  So, currently, we will do a local show in Michigan but don't travel much outside of that.  Instead, we may offer our clasps for a trunk show or something to this nature.  Should you be interested in doing a trunk show with our clasps, be sure to ask.

Beads will always have a place in my heart and finding unique beads has become a passion of mine.  Beads for Jewelry Making and clasps are here to stay as I work hard to find different unique designs and styles.




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