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Base Metal Findings for Jewely Designs



Base Metal Findings

Base Metal Findings are a unique way to add character to a jewely design.  When choosing findings for your next craft, be sure to consider functionality. It's key that you choose a finding that not only looks great but will endure extended wear. To determine which functioning base metal findings are needed, it's best to first map out the style of the jewelry you want. For instance, if you're designing a bracelet, determine the type of beading, size, number of strands and color you want to use. Doing so will narrow your options when shopping around to prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the multitude of base metal beads available. Also, a definite idea in mind will keep you from straying from the original idea. 

Check out the Magnetic Clasps.

With a clear plan for the jewelry piece you'll be designing, you can then choose a finding that complements the look and feel you're going for. Obviously, you'll want to choose metals that match your intended design. Base metal findings come in colors such as brass, gold, pewter antique gold, etc. Also, consider the number of strands in your design. If one side of the bracelet is a single strand and the other has three, you'll need a clasp with three open holes on one side and a single hole on the other. Finally, use your creative judgment to choose a slider bead that plays into the look and feel of your theme. From antique to art deco, Mobile Boutique has a plethora to complement your most one-of-a-kind rhinestone, base metal or slider bead.

Styling with the slider beads


If you're looking for the absolute head-turning accessory that's fashion-forward and completely captivating, you need to add sliders to your list of jewelry-making essentials. At Mobile Boutique, sliders are the highlight of our whole collection because of their ability to make an ordinary beaded bracelet turn into a piece worthy of a high-end designer. We import a huge selection of them in Floral, Victorian and Art Deco bead styles in countless colors and sizes. 

Long gone are the tiny plastic beads that take hours to string and can often produce dull, lackluster results. The slider bead is one of the few beads that can truly result in a stunning modern ornament that can hold its own as a focal point against any garment. Whether the piece is simple and slender or funky and chunky, slider beads can really turn on the charm.




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