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Owl Beads

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Owl Beads

Owl Beads

Owl beads are so cute and fun.  And, that's why we offer owl beads for our clients!  We have owl beads in all kinds of different metal tones as well.  There are owl beads that have a lot of detailing and some with a little less. Our online bead shop is always trying to find the best unique beads available on the market.  It's not easy, as there are a lot of bead shops, and yes, we are aware of this.  But, we love owl beads as well as inspirational beads and more.  Getting the most unique beading components will help you create unique beaded jewelry.  

Everyone has their own look at what jewelry they make.  But, when you add unique jewelry beads, it can be even more fun.  That's why we offer unique slider beads, rhinestones, and beads with an inspirational saying. Our beads are not always restocked either.  We offer a unique selection of beads that come and go with the inventory.  If you see any beads you like, we suggest grabbing them now.  It's not that we don't like to keep things in inventory, it's that we are looking to be a different type of bead store, a store, where you never know what we might carry and offer. Our beads are so unique that you won't find them at any of the larger online bead sources.  So take a look around, getting the best selection of slider beads is very important and that's why we offer unique slider beads and 2 hole beads here.  

Slider Beads

Slider beads are what most of the beads we carry are called.  They have 2 holes on each side.  This keeps them from flipping when strung up.  They often times will come in a variety of shapes such as owl beads, dolphin beads and elephant beads and are a lot of fun to work with.  You will also find a great selection of inspirational beads that have inspiring sayings on them.  If you are looking for that perfect clasp?  We have those as well.  We offer magnetic clasps in a variety of designs.  There are simple magnetic clasps and complex fold over magnetic clasps as well.  We are here for any questions or concerns and are a small family run company.  Many of our clients know us personally and offer suggestions of beads they would like to see us carry.  

Slider beads and clasps are where we got our start.  We have moved into more clasps designs but mostly magnetic clasps as these are easy to work with and the jewelry wearer enjoys them as well.  There are also toggle clasps as well as lobster clasps at Mobile Boutique.  We want our clients to love what they make and wear it proudly.  Being a jewelry designer can be a lot of fun.  Enjoy your new owl beads from Mobile boutique.

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