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Online Bead Store

Online Bead Store

As an online bead store, we know how much fun it is to buy beads!  After all, we have to buy and design the beads.  We want to be a unique bead store, with different beads and clasps than the other guys and we are personable. And, we know most of our customers and clients and we even know about some's family.  We are a family owned and operated Online Bead Store.  If you are looking for unique slider beads, we are here for you.  We offer a huge selection of slider beads in our Online bead store and are sure you'll love them. Read More.

Online Bead Shop

Looking for rhinestone beads? has you covered there as well.  We want you to blind and sparkle with our amazing bead selection.  Beading can be a fun hobby and buying the supplies can be just as fun.  That's why we offer unique beading supplies for you to choose from.  Not sure what your next project is?  That's fine, there are many designs out there, make something up! 

Shop for Beads Online!

As an online bead store, we understand that you have choices.  There are a lot of local bead shops as well as online bead shops, but one thing is for certain, we offer the largest selection of fold over magnetic clasps.  If you are in the market for finding unique jewelry clasps, we can help.  Our team of experts is always looking to improve the beading clasp designs.  Beading clasps come in a variety of styles.  

As an online bead store, we hope that you will like our layout of the shop and find getting around easy and friendly.  If you have questions there is a chatbox ready and waiting for you.  And, it will be answered by our owner herself.  So, you will get the best answers to your questions.  We take customer service very important to want to assure you that we are constantly working to improve our store and usability.  An online bead store is a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun.  If you are looking for beads and don't know what to get, get a few and work them into your next design!

Beads and Clasps

Picking out beads you like and then coming up with a design is how we recommend using an online bead shop.  Don't be too fussy on getting the right selection, after all, there are so many to choose from and take a look at our free beading ideas, there are tons of various ways to use our unique beads as well.  If you are looking for some fun, browsing a bead shop is just the place.  We offer many unique bead designs as well as sizes.  Need a focal bead?  We have focal beads that are sure to please.  Not sure if you want to design a necklace or a bracelet?  No problem.  Fear it might turn out bad?  Umm, well, you can always unstring it and start over again!  That's why beading is so much fun!  Come visit our Online Bead Store today!

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