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Owl Beads

Mobile Boutique has been an online bead shop for over 20 years.  Starting out with just a few designs and grown into a unique bead store over time.  Our fold-over magnetic clasps are a clasp design that we made up ourselves.  And, people loved them.  We love our slider beads as they are something that cannot be found anywhere else.  And, that's what we pride ourselves on, unique beads at Mobile boutique.  If you are in the market for unique beads, we have you covered.  We love that our beading supplies are unique as it allows our customers to offer unique beaded jewelry.  Many of our customer purchase beading supplies from Mobile boutique to make and resell.  So, having something unique can be important.  If you are in the market for unique beads, you have come to the right place.  Our online bead shop loves to offer unique items.  Read More.

Online Bead Shop

Let our online bead shop be your number one source for your jewelry making supplies.  Finding the perfect clasp has never been easier as well.  We love our clasp designs and so will you.  Getting the clasp that will finish off that perfect piece can be found at Mobile Boutique.  We want our clients to have the best clasp selection available online.  That's why we offer gold clasps, silver clasps and antique finished clasps. This way all our clasps will match the beads or if you are doing a mixed metal design, you have choices.  Getting the perfect bracelet clasp has never been easier. We want you to enjoy your bracelet clasps as well as your necklace clasps.  Click Here.

Unique Beads

Our unique beads are adorned in rhinestones, enamel and faux pearls.  We have inspirational beads and silver beads.  We love all kinds of beading supplies and jewelry making beads.  Slider beads are perfect beads for bracelets.  If you are looking for beads for bracelets our slider beads are perfect for that!  They often have 2 holes on each side that is perfect for bracelet creation.  We have beads for sale and love to see what our clients come up with.  Beading is a great hobby for any age.  And, Mobile boutique we believe that having a great bead stash means you will live a long and healthy life.  Getting more beads for jewelry making has never been easier.  Our online bead shop has the perfect options for beading and bead stashes alike.  

Beads are fun to collect and well, sometimes use.  Yes, we love beading and beaded designs, but we, like most beaders, love to collect unique and fun beads as well.  If you are looking for more unique and fun beads, come visit Mobile boutique today and see all the great selection of beads we have to offer.  We love working with our clients to find that perfect focal bead or dive into our clasp section.  We also offer beading ideas in our beaded project area.  This shows you how you can use our unique slider beads and clasps.

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