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Magnetic Clasps for Jewelry

Magnetic Clasps for Jewelry

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Magnetic clasps for jewelry are a great way to finish off handmade jewelry designs.  Capture that perfect jewelry piece with the finishing touches of magnetic clasps for jewelry.  We have many customers that are amazed by our magnetic clasps for jewelry selection.  And, some of our magnetic clasps for jewelry are our very own designs.  We love working with them and they are so easy to use for the end customer.

If you make handmade jewelry and are looking for a clasp that will help sell your designs, you have found them!!  Our clasps are perfect for necklace clasps and bracelet clasps.  Finding that perfect magnetic bracelet clasp couldn't be any easier.  Take a look around at our magnetic clasps for jewelry and see what you might find.   We like to think of ourselves as clasp designers, however, we make handmade jewelry ourselves and love the look of and ease of use of magnetic clasps.

Clasps for Jewelry Designers

Are you a jewelry designer that is tired of the same clasp designs?  We offer a unique selection of clasp designs and all our products are sold in packages, most are not available as individuals.  This is because we wanted to give our beading friends the best price possible for magnetic clasps for jewelry.  And, typically selling in multiples does just that.  Browse our amazing selection and take a look at the various styles and metal colors.  We offer silver clasps and gold clasps to name a few and we do have other styles of clasps too.  We have lobster clasps as well as a magnetic clasp for jewelry too!

Jewelry Designing Beads

Jewelry designing has been our passion for a long time.  Our owner actually started out selling body jewelry and quickly starting designing her own.  Soon the market was flooded and there wasn't much else to sell so she sold off her unique beads and charms.  And, was born.  We are proud of our background and being a small family-owned company.  We look forward to each one of our customers and try to help them in any way.

Family Owned Online Bead Shop

Remember, we are not big guys with lots of help.  Our office consists of a few people that are in a small warehouse pulling orders and launching new items.   We sell on our website as well as on Etsy.  The shop here is much larger than that on Etsy, but we try, it's hard to keep everything on both platforms.  If you are looking for unique slider beads, 2 hole beads or fold over clasps, you have come to the right place!! We love our little Online Bead shop and hope you do as well.  We work very hard at keeping it tidy, but some strays to get in the categories.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.  We love working with our customers and finding out the things they would like to see.  After all, the beading market is forever changing and finding that perfect bead or set of beads can be a challenge.  That's why we offer some unique designs and style for our clients.

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