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Clasps for Necklaces

Clasps for Necklaces

Clasps for a necklace can be a variety of designs.  We offer magnetic clasps that are perfect for clasps for necklaces, however, there are certainly other styles that will work as well.  Getting the right clasp is important.  Having a clasp that is easy to use and works well for the application is key.  That is why offers a huge selection of clasps and jewelry designing materials to meet everyone's needs.  We have simple magnetic clasps, toggle clasps, box clasps and of course our famous fold over clasps.  However, there are so many different clasp designs, there are also different metal tones.  If you need single clasps for single strand designs, we have them.  Double strand options are also readily available.   

Clasps for Necklaces and Bracelets

Toggle clasps for necklaces offer a great look but they are often hard to use if you live alone.  Getting the stick inside the loop can be a challenge, however, they offer a very elegant feel.  Magnetic clasps for necklaces are super easy to use and can be worn by just about anyone that doesn't have a pacemaker.  And, they come in all metal tones as well as adorned in rhinestones.  Our rhinestone clasps look amazing with many of our slider beads, which is why we carry them.  We love the look of bling and slider beads and rhinestone clasps are just the thing.  Rhinestone clasps are perfect as clasps for necklaces.  And, they too come in a variety of designs.  This is because many people have different visions of what their finished jewelry is going to look like.  That is why doesn't limit ourselves on the different options but we offer many options.  Getting the perfect clasps for necklaces has never been easier.  Browse the vast selection of clasps for necklaces and you'll see what we mean.  

Silver Clasps for necklaces

Gold necklace Clasps and silver necklace clasps are not just the only colors we offer. We also have antique tones and finishes as well as other great options.  All our clasps are made from base metal materials.   We are compliant with the lead laws as well as the other minerals as well.  If you are looking for some great jewelry making components, you have come to the right place.  We offer a huge selection of beading supplies that will certainly be fun to work with.  Designing jewelry is a great hobby for all ages.  And, as a designer, your work will tend to have a certain look to it.  Get the best designs from the best components.  We also offer a huge selection of focal beads that look and work great for needle beading.  If your having designer's block, try looking over a free beading idea's page.  We are sure you'll find some inspiration there.  And, remember to have fun.  Beading should be all about fun!

Magnetic Necklace Clasps

Magnetic Necklace claps are super easy to use and simple.  After all, the clasp on a necklace is usually at the back of the neck where most people won't see it.  Finding a design that will work and function well would make more sense than finding a "pretty" design.  Those are more for bracelet clasps that people tend to see more.

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