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Beads for Sale

Beads for Sale

We offer a large selection of beads for sale.  Beads come in all sizes, colors, and shapes but our Online Bead shop focuses on Slider Beads and Fold Over Magnetic Clasps.  This is our area of specialty and we like this area as they unique beads and hard to find in other bead shops.  This is important when you are a small family owned company going against some really big online bead stores.  We wanted to carve out our own little specialty.  And, that's just what we did.  When we decided to have beads for sale, we wanted to offer unique beads with unique designs and colors.  We wanted to have a unique bead selection when we put our beads for sale up and we think we did just that.

Sale on Beads

Slider beads are called slider beads because of the design.  They usually have more than one hole on each side to keep them from flipping.  And, they are usually covered in rhinestones and enamel for color and bling.  We have floral beads and art deco styles to choose from.  These beads come in a variety of metal tones such as gold beads and silver beads and also antique finishes.  We wanted our beads to be as unique as our jewelry designers and we hope that has established that in our beads for sale. Read More.

Finding just the right beads for sale can be a challenge as a beading designer, that's why we set out to be different than the rest.  Our beads for sale are unique to our shop and we offer our own fold over magnetic clasp designs as well.  Getting those perfect beads is the first step in getting the perfect jewelry design.

Online Bead Shop

As we grew we added Watch Faces for Beading and stringing materials as well as charms.  We expanded into not just selling beads and clasps but other beading items as well.  Having unique beads for sale gives our customers fun and exciting things to see.  And, we are always changing over the inventory.  If you are looking for fun and exciting beads for sale, you have come to the right place.  We offer unique beads and clasps that will really make your jewelry designs pop.  Get your designs to stand out against your competition with fun beads and clasps.

We also offer unique clasp designs that were made just for our little shop.  Our shop is a small family owned company that takes pride in our designs as well as in our customers.  We care about our customers and have long term friendships with many.  And, sometimes we even bring certain designs in because we know a certain customer will just love them.  Finding the best beads to make your jewelry design pop and have your personal look is important.  Take a look around at all the beads we have for sale and see what you might find to take home and love.  

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