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Good thru tomorrow  (3/16)!!!
(We are competing in a mail contest with another carrier.  For both incoming and outgoing.  Heheheeee..it's a fun time of year!)  So, loading up the site with products and trying to the to leave as fast as they go up!  I'm also hoping to get to a really cool blog soon.  I'll keep everyone posted.
Category Discount Code
Charms 25% off Charms
Connector Beads 25 % off Connect
February Restock 20% off Feb
Silver Beads 15% off Silver

This sale ends tomorrow!  Spread the word!!
Coupon codes cannot be combined on one order.  There will be no refunds for forgetting coupons or for multiple orders, Mobile-boutique.com reserves the right to combine orders if possible for shipment.


Above is a sampling of some things that would qualify for this sale.  The Category names also are linked to take you right to the pages that would have that sale code as well.  This is a great time to clear out our shelves for the next round of incoming product.  And, there are a pile of watch faces on the desk screaming my name, need to get to those as well.  
As for life around here, well, the dryer is installed completely and used and working, yay!  We did 5 very large loads of laundry with more to come, amazing what happens when you don't have real laundry facilities for awhile.  
We are located in Michigan and my youngest just discovered crocus, which is a small flower that people plant in their yards, as they are usually up and gone before anyone has to mow.  Now, that was a trip, he thought they were so pretty!! But, why in their yards?  Lol.  You could hear the wheels turning.
Finally, there's a chance of Spring in the air shortly!!  Yay!!
Buyable pins on Pintrest boards!
And NOW Tumbler!
And, we are also on Twitter.
So, don't tell me you can't find us.  Lol!!

Enjoy the sales!!

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