Slider Beads (9 pc) 2 hole beads Spacer Beads Sliderbeads Bracelet Bea –
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Slider Beads (9 pc)  2 hole beads Spacer Beads Sliderbeads Bracelet Beads Flat Beads  Patina Beads Textured Beads 435-M18 FST

Slider Beads (9 pc) 2 hole beads Spacer Beads Sliderbeads Bracelet Beads Flat Beads Patina Beads Textured Beads 435-M18 FST

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2-hole slider beads size 17 wide and 17 mm tall, and the holes are 6 mm apart. Cast in patina, light antique gold, antique copper and antique silver with a unique shape as shown. Package as shown in the image.

All beads and clasps in our shop are lead and nickel-compliant.

9 beads per package

Slider beads are super fun and easy ways to dress up your jewelry designs. I have seen people utilize these in a variety of ways, from using one as a focal bead to using the entire package on a hat brim. You can wire them up for great earrings or rings or simply string some up for a beautiful and unique bracelet design. They are also beautiful in necklace designs and as keychains. It's up to you and your creativity.

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Benefits of Slider Beads for Beading

Are you looking to add extra flair to your jewelry designs? Slider beads offer numerous benefits that make them perfect for beading projects. They provide a secure way to link strands while also adding creativity with their various colors and shapes. Slider beads are both affordable and easy to use, making them perfect for intricate designs, repairs, and adjustments. Additionally, they can help protect knots from wear and tear, ensuring they last longer.

There are many slider bead options specifically designed for beading. These include 2 Hole Slider Beads, Spacer Beads, Coin Beads, Western Beads, and Slider Beads Unique Metal Beads, among others.

To choose the right type of slider beads for your project, it is essential to consider the sizes and shapes that are available. Some slider beads are small and round with loops on both ends, while others are square-shaped and contain a hole in the middle that opens like an eyelet. Depending on the design you envision, you may need to use one or more types of slider beads to achieve the desired effect.

Creating Unique Pieces with Slider Beads

Creating unique jewelry pieces doesn’t have to be difficult. With slider beads, you can create stunning and one-of-a-kind items that will stand out in any crowd. Slider beads are perfect for adding a unique touch to any jewelry design, and they come in many sizes and colors, including patina centers, coin beads, and two-hole slider beads.

Designing with slider beads is easy and fun; all you need is an idea of what kind of item you want to make and some basic tools, such as pliers and scissors. Start by choosing the type of material you’d like to work with. Then add your chosen slider bead(s), threading through the holes until the desired length is achieved. Add charms or other decorative elements as desired before securing each end with crimp tubes or metal clasps for a polished look!

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