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So many stores offer a wide range of beads and stones. After all, making jewelry, handling beautiful bead findings, and assembling them to create even more beauty has brought great pleasure to many an artisan, and bead shopkeepers want to be part of this wonderful movement. It's one of those good problems to have, the many choices available to anyone looking for a bead store online. What distinguishes a great bead shop from one that's less desirable? It's something most beaders learn about as they go, noticing excellent customer service, fast shipping, or a consistent and frequently updated selection of slider beads and other beading pieces. Stores that offer free shipping on larger orders or that update inventory frequently are sought after, and recurring great deals in the sales or clearance page is another attractive feature. Most customers, bottom line, are looking for an exciting collection, reasonable prices, and great customer service, with contact options and a responsive "shopkeeper" on the other end of the line or email. If you are looking for these things, you've stumbled upon one of the nicest bead shops online. Lucky you! 

Victorian bead findings

Victorian beads

Bracelets often made with intricate two-hole slider beads, have a fascinating history. For example, the Victorian slider bracelet came about when wrist watches gained popularity. Before women wore the time on their wrists, they wore it on a neck chain where it was stabilized with something called a station. Usually, a woman-owned many of these stations to coordinate with her clothing, so that when wrist watches came into fashion, these pieces sat unused in her jewelry box or tray. These curious bead findings were thus lined up, spaced with beads or small gold balls, and called slide bracelets. Using delicate jewelry making beads available from your favorite bead store online, you can re-create these charming relics of a gentler time.



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