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Metal Beads for Jewerly Making

Metal Beads

Metal Beads are where this place all started.  Can you believe it?  18 years ago I was jewelry designer and wanted a certain look for a body jewelry line I was starting.  I couldn't find the style of beads I wanted anywhere.  So, I made some up dropping in the rhinestones with tweezers and send them over for mass production.  We have come a long way in the Bead Shop world today but the fact remains our Metal Beads are some of the more unique available for making jewelry.

owl metal beads

We have a bunch of metal beads in the form of Slider beads on our site. These beads are rhinestone beads with enamel and crystal accents.  We love the sparkles and the unique colors of enamel bead designs.  Some of the beads are almost masterpieces of their own . Our beads were where this place all started. We wanted something different and well, we had to make them.  But, we got something different.  Beads are something that are as unique as people. There are so many varieties that it is hard to pin point just one style that one might like.  For me, I like the sparkle of crystals and rhinestones, I always have.

Metal Tone Beads

Silver Metal Beads

Beads come in a variety of metal tones as well.  We offer gold beads, silver beads, Copper Beads and more.  Just take a look around.  We are proud of our beads and the different colors that we have designed up.  At first it was just silver, but as we grew and expanded we found ourselves offering gold beads and so much more.

Depending on your preference. The various metal tones can be mixed and matched as well.  We even offer some mixed metal beads on their own bead design.  We love these as they can be paired up with silver filler beads or gold filler beads to have a totally new look.  Beading doesn't have rules, it's an art.  So kick back and start playing, see what happens.



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