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Free Bead Patterns

Free Bead Patterns

Bead Patterns are a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing. offers a section just related to this, our Project Idea's page.  Here one will find many beautiful beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, even candle decorations and keychains.  There's always a place for beads and bling.

Free Bead Patterns are a wonderful way to break that creativity block and get the beading ideas flowing again.  We offer a great selection of various ways to use our slider beads, fold over clasps and watch faces for beading, some in unusual ways.  We try to get creative and inspire.  Here are a few examples of ways to use 2 hole slider beads for beading projects:

Pink Silver 2 hole Slider Bead Drop Necklace-Free Beading Pattern

This necklace was made up using our slider beads, in a unique way, by not actually using the holes, but linking them with split rings and over course finishing it off with a beautiful fold over clasp. 

1. Start at the center, with the large square focal bead from the casting lot and place a split ring in the corner as shown in the image above, used to attach the next bow tie style casting to the focal bead. Repeat this step for the other side of the focal bead. 
2. Link the bow time style castings from the casting lot #1841 together using split rings and needle nose pliers. Note 2 bow tie style castings were used on each side. 
3. To complete the necklace, link connector beads to the desired length, using split rings, as shown above. Attach a clasp using two split rings, one in each hole of the magnetic clasp and link the two together into one, which is connecting the connector bead to the clasp. This technique is useful when using our clasps that are made for double strands for single strand projects. It is very clean looking and allows for the two holes to be made into one w/ center positioning. This project is one of our favorites! It is simple to make and easy to wear w/ great flexibility and sparkle!! Many of our castings would lend way to be being attached together using this split ring technique! 


Watch faces for beading can be used
 when making a beaded necklace too!

This is very popular this season, a watch that is on a long chain to hang around the neck. Here we used some chain and pre-made dangles with watch face (AMG 150) We put a jump ring at the top with the dangles and attached the face to the chain. 
At the bottom we took 2 beads from package 4336 and put them against the watch face and wired them in with some flexible wire. We then took headpins to link 2 more beads from 4336 to produce the dangle with a couple of small silver ball beads and made loops at the top of each headpin, linking them to the 2 attached to the watch face. We didn't cut off the chain and left it to hang below. A great example of some beading creativity!


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