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Beautiful 2 Hole Beads


Make amazing jewelry designs using focal slider beads as a focal point!

Calling all jewelry making enthusiasts! has a huge selection of beads, clasps and watch faces. We carry hundreds of beautiful 2 hole beads in silver castingsgold, and other metals tones that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. 2 hole slider beads in a variety of looks and styles can be found here at We carry a huge selection, whether you are a flashy person that loves the bling of rhinestones or looking for a mixed metal look, we carry it all in our easy to use website. Each product comes complete with dimensions, great images, and prices that can't be beaten.

At Mobile-Boutique we understand that every beading project is different, so that's why no order is too small or too big for us to process. Moreover, we also offer wholesale discounts, which can be found on our company information page! 


Easy stringing with sliding 2 hole beads

Imagine struggling to place your string of choice through one tiny hole through the center of a bead. Sometimes, this option is worthwhile, but for ultimate ease, sliding 2 hole beads are much better. Two holes allow crafters to produce sturdier jewelry, which means bigger and fancier beads can be used in designs and allow more creativity.

To see examples of some 2 hole bead projects, visit our Bead Project Ideas page. While these products aren't for sale, the images allow you to see just how gorgeous our beads can be strung together. For example, to make a thicker bracelet, then you would want to purchase taller beads with 2 holes. Also, our ideas page is meant to spark creative ideas, so feel free to base your own designs off of ours and then mix and match different crystal slider beads to put your own unique spin on the piece. 

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