Magnetic Clasps for jewlry making in antique copper single strand Clas –
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Magnetic Clasps for jewlry making in antique copper single strand Clasps for Bracelets or Necklaces Qty 1 4125

Magnetic Clasps for jewlry making in antique copper single strand Clasps for Bracelets or Necklaces Qty 1 4125

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*This unique clasp is cast in antique copper with antique details. The clasp has a smaller profile than many of our other clasps. To attach, the clasp contains a loop on the fold over end and the ring has an indentation for the attachment area. These are some of our favorite designs yet!
These clasps have AMAZING hold and are not going to be pulled apart by just simply wearing the clasp. The car door won't steal it...and you won't lose your precious work!!

They are approx. 27.6 mm long and are one sided as shown in the picture.
These string together the long way.

Lead Free!

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Finishing Off Beautiful Beaded Jewelry With Fold Over Clasps

Finishing off beautiful beaded jewelry with fold-over clasps is one of the best ways to ensure that your jewelry can hold up under wear and tear. Fold-over magnetic clasps are small in design, yet they provide a secure closure that can withstand a lot of pull and weight. They are lead-free, so you don't need to worry about any health risks. Plus, they come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, making it easy to find the perfect clasp for your design!

A fold-over clasp is two loops that connect together in the middle by folding them into each other. It creates an almost seamless connection between two pieces of jewelry or fabric. It's an incredibly strong closure that looks great on any kind of beaded jewelry design.

There are several benefits of using this type of clasp for your bead designs, including its strength and durability, as well as its smaller size than some other styles available on the market today. Additionally, these magnetic clasps create useful magnetic fields when connected to a battery or generate current flows when connected to wires - making them versatile tools for use in different types of projects and crafts!
Attaching this type of clasp is easy; simply slide one side through the loop on the other side until it clicks securely into place! You can also add additional beads or charms around each loop if desired for added decoration or flair!

There are several different types available on the market today, such as snap-on versions with magnetic closures, which offer extra security, toggle versions, which allow you easier access when trying to open/close your piece quickly, and even ones made from sterling silver, which offer an elegant look perfect for more formal occasions!

When working with these clasps, it's important not to let them get too close together as this could cause them both to become stuck together due to their powerful magnetism - keeping at least 1/2" between each one should keep this from happening! Additionally, always keep these away from items like credit cards that could potentially be damaged by their strong magnetism if placed too close by accident.

When shopping for fold-over clasps, several factors should be considered, such as reviews (491 reviews), quality (made with sturdy magnets), designs (fold-over clasp) functionality (can be used to make jewelry like bracelets & necklaces), materials used (lead-free), and even safety features like being able to create useful magnetic fields when connected to a battery & current flow when connected to wire. This will help ensure that you purchase only high-quality products that will last a long time without fail while providing a beautiful bright shiny finish every time you wear it out!

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