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Unique Beads

Unique Beads

Unique beads are our specialty.  In fact, that's why our online bead shop opened in the first place.  We wanted to offer something different, something unique and special to our jewelry designer clients.  We loved rhinestone beads and couldn't find any that were up to our quality standards, so we made them.  Yep, we decided that if the bead stores couldn't carry or find what we liked, we would have to make them ourselves and that's what we did.  Over the years, the designs have come and went with the times, but the unique beads are still unique. 

Unique Magnetic Clasps

Unique beads can make your jewelry making unique and that helps you sell more designs, if you are making jewelry to sell.  We offer western style beads, inspirational beads, sea life.  There are lots of various styles that we offer that aren't found anywhere else.  This is because we love to design and find unique beads for our clients.  Our unique beads come in a variety of metal tones as well.  This helps you get even more creative with all the beautiful beads and designs there are to choose from.  If you are looking for unique beads, you should look no further than Mobile-Boutique.com.  

Slider Beads

2 hole slider beads are what our website and company were originally built on.  And, we still carry a ton of this style of bead.  If you are not sure what a slider bead is, it is a bead that typically has 2 or more holes on each side for stringing. This is because the design is only found on one side.  As you string the slider beads, you add filler beads which can be just about any beads you have laying around, seed beads or other metallic style beads. We do carry some single strand beads that will work nicely for this as well.  Our beads aren't just for stringing however, we have people use them on looms as well as into bead weaving designs as well.  If you love the look of bling but aren't into stringing get creative and try using them in other ways. Click here for more.

Bracelet Clasps

We all have unique beads in our collections that we love.  And, here, we have an entire store of them.  Take some time and browse around and see what beads you like the best.  We also have fold clasps and magnetic clasps as well.  We wanted to carry as many unique clasp designs to ensure our clients have a good selection to choose from.  If you love crafting and beading then you should certainly take a look at our magnetic clasp selection.  We offer bracelet clasps as well as necklace clasps and everything in between.  We are sure you will find something that you just have to have.  And, our shipping cost is a flat rate of $3, you can't go wrong with that!!  Read More.

Beading a fun hobby and buying new beads can be fun as well.  Let your imagination carry you into that next necklace or bracelet design.  We want to see your creations, so please share them as well.

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