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Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Our Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps can also be adorned in rhinestones and offer a great amount of bling.  We have them in a variety of colors as well.  Or, if you're more into the plain look, we have that too.  We want you to have the best clasps for your project.  This is actually why fold over magnetic clasps were born.  We love making bracelets and wearing bracelets but the bracelet clasps were not easy to use.  Toggle clasps were uncomfortable and getting the right magnetic clasp for jewelry making just wasn't out there.  We didn't want the car door to steal it, yet, it had to be easy to put on and easy to remove.  Bracelet clasps when in magnet form tend to be ripped off by the grocery cart. offers a wide selection of Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps.  There are basic magnetic clasps and fold over magnetic clasps.  The basic magnetic clasps are great for necklace clasps as they are easy to use.  Putting on your necklace with a necklace clasp made from magnetic takes the stress and worry about of trying to use those little lobster clasps.  Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps come in all sizes too!  Most of our Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps are measured in mm and not inches.  This is because we use digital calipers to measure all of them and it's easier.  However, should you not understand digital measurements of mm, we are happy to assist.  25 mm is 1 inch.  12 mm is 1/2 inch.  Does that help at all?

Unique Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

However, basic Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps are great for necklaces.  Of course, we prefer our design, but the simple magnetic ones can make it nice to change out necklaces in a flash.  These come in a ball style, square style, and heart shapes to name a few.  These Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps are the perfect design for necklaces.

Fun Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Of course, we have Strong Magnetic Jewelry Clasps but we offer so much more in our online bead shop.  Be sure to check us out and tell us what you think.  We have an online chat that you can actually communicate right to use via chat.  And, a phone to call or text as well as e-mail.   There are always ways to get in touch.  We also offer a Facebook page and a newsletter sign up.  As well as ratings for future customers of

Finding the perfect jewelry components, charms for beading and clasps for jewelry making has never been easier.   Our online bead shop carries a magnitude of things such as connector beads and charms for beading.  We have enamel charms, rhinestone charms, animal charms and so much more.  And, we offer to watch face designs as well as watch clasps to complete the handmade watch design.   There literally is something for every beader out there on our online bead store.

Perfect Jewelry Components

Wanting something unique?  Trying our unique beads in the form of 2 hole slider beads.  These beads are the perfect way to finish off that design you've been meaning to start.  Or add them as a focal bead.  Give them as a gift.  Making jewelry is so much for the young and old.  But, our slider beads don't have to be just for jewelry.  Check out of free bead patterns today and see what other fun ideas we have come up with.


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