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Not a happy bead lady!

Well, this is the first actual working day of our new website and what happens?!?  Our systems get a virus that takes them all down for several hours.  Our fierce leader here is pretty tech savy so we got that under control...I didn't mention hours, right??!?!?  

In the meantime, it took out our system that allows us to upload our images to the website, stopping all production of even image taking and hosting.  Oh my, what mess, at the end of the day, it was that we were using the wrong program. 

 alt="happy-bead-lady" />


Then, we found the correct program!!  And, downloaded this, again..hours...but it was fixed and we could start to *try* to add new product to the bead store!!  Yippee!!


WE did it!  Okay, there's only 2, but we didn't want to go crazy our first upload.  Do 20, and have 20 with issues, that's another lost day!  So, we are now off to get those beads up and running!!  

Happy Beading!!

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