Bracelet idea with Blue Zircon Butterfly Beads-idea –
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Bracelet idea with Blue Zircon Butterfly Beads-idea

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This project was made using clear elastic string, as we have alot of that laying around, but wire could have been used as well. Start by looping your stringing material through the end of the clasp. Simple stringing technique was used, put a bead on one strand and put the same or similar bead on the other, to make it a double strand, put sliders on. Knot the end to finish the bracelet off at the clasp and put a dab of superglue on the knot to secure it, cut off remaining string and your finished. The small filler beads can be found at any craft or bead shop but the castings used were our designs, part numbers 7571 with clasp 1550.

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