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Magnetic Clasps can come in all Metalic tones for Jewelry Making designs.  A magnetic clasp is a great way to finish off a jewelry design, due to its ease of use. carries a wide range of Magnetic Clasps in single strand, double strand and triple strand.
Above, we have a simple clasp design for Jewelry Making.  Magnetic clasps are so much easier for the end user to actually use than say a Lobster Clasp, which can be cumbersome and difficult to operate, especially on a bracelet.  These clasps are great for super easy to attach to any jewelry design and the end user will love them.
These Clasps are a great choice for any jewelry designer, they will keep your customers happy, which is the point, right?  These clasps are super easy to use as well!   
Did you know that Magnetic Clasps come in various designs and forms, not all are made alike.  There are the button style clasps, that are our design by the way, that have a lip on the inner edge for better hold horizontally.  This way, they don't easily slide off.  
There are tube magnetics designs, fold over clasp designs, Button style clasps, which are not good for bracelets, as the shopping cart or a car door can steal your bracelet!  But, the button ones are super easy to use and great for a necklace.
Overall, we love to use magnetic clasps, for bracelets, the fold over magnetic clasps are a better option, as the "flap" is thick and will not stick to your car door.


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