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Watch Faces

Watch Faces for Jewelry Making


Watch faces for jewelry making are just that, watch faces that are awaiting the designer to make them into something wonderful.  These can be attached to nearly any beaded or woven project to make a wide variety of watches and time-telling pieces.  Our offers a wide selection of metal tones and designs.  We also offer various styles from loop and bar style to the through the hole on each end.  


Watch faces for beading


Watch faces for beading are in stock.  Whether you're a stringer or a bead weaver, watch faces are one of the main components that are always needed.  Watch face designs tell a story about the wearer, should they choose a filigree silver design, shows them to be a bit dainty, or a more geometric shape with maybe a darker metal, is a little edgier, but of course, it also is the type of beads that are used with the watch face.




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