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Bead Sale

Who doesn't love sales and close out's? Well, we have discounted and/or discontinued beads will be located here for convenience shopping.  They are also located in other categories as well, so if you happen to run across a bead component, clasp, etc. elsewhere on the site, that is normal.  Our beads have always come and go with inventory fluctuations that can happen rather quickly at times as well. Colors, styles and such change over time and its best just to move things out and keep things moving.

Bead Clearance

We clearance these beads out to make the most of the space we have on the site, as well as the warehouses.  Bead Clearances are needed to get product moving onto their new homes, so the bead inventory can stay fresh and current.  We continue to provide our customers with new bead designs often and pride on ensuring that we have metals, styles and colors that compliment each other as well. 


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