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Silver Misc. Beads


Just as it states, Misc. Silver Bead Designs, these beads are beads that just do not fit right into the categories.  We weren't quite sure which beading category these designs fit into, not really a Victorian design or an Art Deco, sort of thing.  So, this is where they land, it is a bit of catch-all for the bead shop. If you're looking for unique, this would be the place.



Unique Beads


Looking for unique designs for your beaded creations, this is certainly the category for you.  These designs are things that we just didn't know what to do with them, but wanted them included on the site.  This may be some animal, nice Focal, maybe some turquoise beads.  Just a catch-all are of the site, however, many of these beads we may have placed in another category as well.





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