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International beads

Bead Shipments - International

International Shipments were a thing of the past for us until we have found a solution.  We now have warehouses located throughout the world, allowing for much better pricing on shipping to our International friends.  As always, this program doesn't have all it's bead shipping bugs worked out, however, over time, we are hoping to nail this one and finally be able to supply our wonderful beading products worldwide like in the olden days when the United States Postal Service had International shipping that was affordable!!  Yes, it actually was at one time and we used it all the time.  

Mailing Beads

Like we said, mailing beads to our International friends has been a bit of a challenge, since, International shipping cost are so much, however, we are happy to hopefully have found a solution, as some of our designs can be shipped from other warehouses as well.  These designs will be found in this area (In theory) and will be able to ship at the low cost of $5 per order.  We haven't gotten all the bugs worked out, but at least it's and option.



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