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Inspirational Beads

Inspirational beads are just that, beads that inspire.  We all have our ups and downs and sometimes it's just a great thing to look down and see the word "Believe", "Love", or "Hope", which are among some of the phrases we offer.  These beads look great all strung up and work well as gifts for loved ones that may just need a little pick me up.

Inspiring Beads

Inspiring beads are not beads that inspire great designs, although they can.  They are more like beads that have great inspirational saying on them.  Some just a simple word will do, while others may have a phrase or even a verse from the Bible.  All are wonderful for reminders, no matter your religious beliefs, we all need encouragement at times, and that's where these beads come to play.  There are also some funny sayings mixed in the bunch from time to time, this is because laughter is the best medicine.




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