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Gold Beads

Gold Beads

Gold or Silver Beads is usually just a preference per individual, which is why it is important that we offer both.  Gold beads, quite often, are not as popular as our silver line, for whatever reason, however, they are just as important.  Our gold beads are made of base metal and have a rhodium plated.  The finish is designed to not wear off or turn your skin green.  In fact, rhodium plated when done correctly offers a thin layer of very hard enamel that will protect the finish from the elements.  Our favorite fact is that they do not tarnish when left out.

Prefer gold for your beads?

Gold beads are a preference for some people, actually with various skin tones, some look much better in gold, while others would look best in silver.  Gold looks better with those that have a warmer undertone to their skin.  Although, gold beads do look better with some colors combinations as well.  So, play around a little, nobody said you cannot mix and match the two metal tones, add in some antique tones as well, the mixed metal lots are super popular and you don't have to worry what color other jewelry components are or your buttons!



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