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Light Green and Pearl Heart bracelet-idea

Light Green and Pearl Heart bracelet-idea

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Above is another bracelet made up of some slider beads, part number 4383, we also carry this style in several other colors, 4382, 4383, 4384, 4385, 4386, 4387 and 4388. Another popular style that would look amazing in this project but have a bit more bling would be part numbers 4371, 4372, 4373, 4374,4375, 4376, 4377. They are available in jet, red, pink, yellow and topaz. To produce this bracelet lay out the beads flat to see if it will be long enough.To start, slide the elastic through the one end, doubled up so there is only a loop at that end of the clasp and begin to string. We used pearls and small silver beads to complete this arrangement.Knot off the clasp at the other end, tie both ends together and superglue the knot, this will keep the knot from coming undone. Clip the remaining ends once the glue is dry. Clasp used was part number 4294.To find any of these part numbers simply type in the number into the search box located at the top of our pages. If they are in stock, the item will come up for purchase. Check back often as we run out of stock on items quite quickly but we are always getting more in.

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