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Bead Components can be overwhelming, so to assist with this, we have a dump all beading components category, which is here.  This is the place to find any and everything we have that is in stock and ready for their new homes. These beads can be any metal tone, designs, clasp, watch faces, just everything that is contained on this site can be found here.  We do this, as we noticed some people like to browse it ALL, everything we have and select from there, then hone in on their winners in the end.  

Everything bead related

Everything here is beading related in some fashion.  We even offer some fun apparel that you may have missed as a category, yes, we do have beading apparel on the site.   

Beads, Clasps, Jewelry making components are all needed to make gorgeous jewelry designs. These are all included in this category.  We are always getting in some great charm designs, as well as watch faces and more.  We thought it would be a great idea to put them all in one group, so everything can be seen at once, you may even make the items per page more for easy browsing.



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