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Watch Pendant Platinum Silver Watchface watch face sb671
Watch Pendant Platinum Silver Watchface watch face sb671
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*Cast in platinum silver in an art deco sort of design. This watch is a pendant and only has a hole at the top! This is a very unique shape and design, just gorgeous in person!

This watch has Japanese movement and is water resistant.

Please note that all watchfaces will be shipped with the stem pulled out so that the watch is not using the batteries during shipment. To start the watch, simply press in the the stem and it will begin to keep time. They are guaranteed against DOA, we stand behind the quality of our products!!

No. of holes per side: 1
Hole location and style: 1 hole at top
Approx. measurement across loop: 5 mm
Approx. measurement across:29 mm
Approx. height measurement:39 mm

25.4 mm = 1 inch

All beads are one sided as shown in image.

1 pc/pkg

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