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Slider Bead Pendant
Slider Bead Pendant-idea
Slider Bead Pendant
Project Ideas are not for sale but to be used for examples.

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Slider beads combined with magnetic clasps make beautiful necklaces! This pendant was made with one of our latest designs, part number 3588, and they are just stunning! This simple necklace was made by connecting split rings together one by one and adding tiny seed beads of blues, purples and pinks randomly to a split ring every once in awhile. To close this necklace we used one of our new magnetic style clasps, Part number 3550 and a small "made with love charm" to give it a finished look, part number 3545. The pendant is available in other colors as well, for example green is 3586, black is 3817 and blue in 3816, gold and topaz 3814. Another style that would work and look gorgeous in a very similar design but in a square or diamond shape would be 3821 in gold and light purple, 3819 silver and black, 3879 purple and silver, 3818 light grey and silver. The cost for this style is $6.50 for 3 beads. The package for the pendant 3588 has 3 beads per package and costs $8 for the package. To find any of these parts easily, simply put in the part number, the number only, into the search engine on this site, it will bring you right that item, if its in stock of course.

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